Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not a good way to start a new job

Seriously the way i'm feeling right now its almost like i don't have the energy to even type up this blog entry today.  I almost feel like i'm going to collapse onto the desk and fall asleep, i don't even have the energy to go and make myself dinner.  I hope that i feel better really quick here, because i start my new job tomorrow and i really don't want to make the first impression of calling in sick on my first day.

I stopped by my old workplace to pick up my tool box to take it to my new place of work.  Talking with some of my old co workers again i find out that a few people have quit since I was.  1 left to pursue a different career, while others couldn't put up with their bulls**t anymore.  and i don't blame them for leaving.  I only decided to work there because i was out of work at the time and i needed to get back working again.  There have been numerous occasions where my service manager was a complete asshole.  I know that you guys are really swamped with work, i'm doing my best, but being a dick isn't going to make me work faster.  With this new place i'm starting off at.  The service manager said to me since i was a little shy with the practical experience he would have one of the techs work with me in areas i was unfamiliar with to get me at the level i should be at.  I really hope they keep their word.  I'm perfectly capable of doing good work, but if i've never done something before, i panic or get nervous on the job which results in me taking longer or making mistakes.

When i did grab my tools, part of me really wanted to go up to my old service manager and just tell him off saying that he was such a dick for letting me go on my birthday and F**K YOU and so on.  But i may have to use them as a reference again in the near future and after hearing about all those people leaving just makes me think "hah, serves you right"

Well i'm gonna go see if theres anything simple i can cook up for dinner then maybe header to bed, gotta be up bright and early to be at work for 7 :-S


  1. Just take it easy, I with you the best.

  2. I hear what your saying, Man. When I was a kid I used to work in a supermarket, I went back there a few years later to pick up some food because it's by my sister's house and pretty much everybody I liked from there had left.

    Get well soon.

  3. don't worry, it's usual to have a tough time adjusting to a new job.

  4. I know this will sound cliche, but check out 5 hour engery. Those things are awesome for a little boost.

  5. Sounds like you have a sympathetic new service manager, will be a nice change from your old one - sounds like a right dick head.

    Keep us posted how the first week goes!

  6. Good luck! I hope your first day goes without a hitch!