Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wow it sure has been a long time since i have ever wrote an entry.  A lot has gone on in my life since the last entry, i have dealt with two job losses in the month of march.  The day after the last entry i posted i got fired, but it was all for the better anyway it was a pretty terrible company to work for.  My lead hand is the only one left there today and hes having to deal with a lot of BS i read about it often on his facebook.

My next job only lasted a week, they decided to change their minds after that week.  I was pretty pissed.

Two days after getting let go from that job i started a new one and its still my current job today.  I got mixed feeling about the company.  I love the fact that i'm learning a lot and getting to go out all over Edmonton to service road construction machinery, but i hate that i'm going as long as 15-20 days straight working for 11-16 hours a day at a rate of 24 an hour.  I really hope that come the end of the year they will be willing to put me at journeyman wage.  I'm not making enough to get a better place compared to this tiny room i'm living in still.  Rent around this city is friggen ridiculous.  But its not as bad now, when i first moved in there were 5 of us living here now its just me and one of the other guys. Feels a little more cozy i guess :-S

Well i'm off to practice guitar, until next time.

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