Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Similar to the last post I made about Rise Against, the Foo Fighters will also be putting out a new album shortly for all you Foo Fighters fans out there who haven't heard the news yet.  The album is called Wasting Light and will be released on April 12th.

While were on the topic about the Foo Fighters, I will also talk about one of my favorite Foo Fighters albums.  Two of their biggest singles off of the album were "The Pretender" and "Long Road to Ruin".  The songs even had awesome music videos to go along with them to.  I was really into "The Pretender" for the longest time, gave me a good adrenaline rush lol. A couple of my other favorites off of the album were "Erase/Replace", "Let It Die" and "But, Honestly".  Let it Die was also another song i listened to for the longest time, until it became a single on the radio and was played everywhere i went.  That just killed the song for me :-(

Here are the links to Let it Die, Erase/Replace and But Honestly:

Erase/Replace -
Let It Die -
But, Honestly -

I even have a link to the first single off of Wasting Light.  Its called "Rope"


  1. Read about the Foos new album few hours ago, funny you'd mention it! :P

  2. do something with Parkway drive :D

  3. Big fan of the Foo Fighters, despite the stupid name. Glad to see this come out.

  4. infinite <3 for foo fighters :)

  5. foo fighters seems like they'll be around forever