Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

Another cold morning on the way to work today, thankfully it wasn't windy like it was yesterday, went out to brush the snow off my car didn't take long for my hands to go numb.  I would wear gloves if i didn't lose them awhile back feel kind of stupid for doing that, so i'll have to go buy another pair here on the weekend.  Or maybe there won't be too much of a point since spring is almost here.

It was another one of those not too exciting work days.  The loader i worked on for awhile finally got picked up and an excavator got dropped off because an inspection needed to be done on it.  Besides that i spent the rest of the work day cleaning components out of final drive assemblies on the mulcher in the shop.

Traffic still sucked today, took me an hour to get home once again.  I didn't feel like cooking dinner today, so i picked up a sandwich at Subway.  At the end of the work day I still felt pretty energetic and i thought i would be that way when i got home..... nope, felt like someone had sucked the life right out of me :-S.  I've been feeling that way since Monday.  I don't know what it could be thats making me feel so drained.  Possibly the cold weather or being cooped up inside, who knows.  Maybe if i could get outside and go for a walk i could possibly feel better, but i don't wanna step foot outside in - 20 C weather :-S

The rest of the day wasn't too much of a waste, i managed to get a good 1-2 hours of guitar playing in, i even made a template on MS word so i could starting creating tabs for all of the songs i've learned so i don't forget them down the road.


  1. was Spring... kinda. until it snowed again

  2. two hours playing your guitar? I'm sorry for your neighbours, lol.

  3. Yeah, still down here too, but the snow clearing up.

  4. Just got back from my classes, this weather needs to stop! I almost got hit by a car, roads are very slippery...