Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revolving Door

Sometimes i think that some people who cross the street deserve to get hit.  On my way to work today driving down a road a pedestrian comes right out of no where and decides to cross the street without looking both ways to ensure the way was clear.  Its below -30 C with the windchill today so the roads are still icy.  I slam on the brakes to stop for this guy and almost slide right into him.  Don't need to be doing that in my lifetime, i've had my license for 10 years now and don't need to lose it over something stupid like that

Basically the biggest highlight of my workday today was going with another one of the techs to the other side of the city to another dealership to pick up parts for the mulcher we are fixing up.  We had to do a good couple of hours of reorganizing at the place in order to get at the components we needed.  Then loading up the truck afterward with the -30 something with the bad windchill wasn't that fun :-(.

So doing all that took up most of the workday.  I was talking with one of the techs and learned that out of all the staff at the branch i'm at from the executives to the techs.  One of the receptionists has been there longer than all of us and shes only worked for the company two years.  Made me realize how much of a revolving door the company is that i work for.  I was told theres lots of BS to deal with at my company, just haven't come across it yet.

The weather was terrible on the ride home.  What normally takes me 20 minutes to drive home took me an hour.  Thats how bad the roads were.  Some wern't too bad, but for some people if its snowing its a good idea to drive 30 km/h on a main road and not care about the people behind you.  Frustrates the hell outta me :-S.

Thought it would turn into another lazy day when i got home, i played around on my computer for a good 3 hours until finally getting up to make my weekly chili.  Afterward i managed to pick up the guitar for a good 45 minutes and practice those audioslave songs i learned parts of over the weekend.  I looked up a decent tab and after half hour i was able to get most of "One and the Same" down, except for the solo, there are some parts of it i don't know what Tom Morello does, but i just can't figure it out.


  1. people are sometimes completely douches. btw, what is a mulcher?

  2. Great day man.

    And i'll admit I sometimes I jay walk through traffic, but at least I look both ways!

  3. Cool day.

    I'll admit, sometimes I do jaywalk the traffic, but at least I look both ways first!

  4. I have a friend who crosses the street like shes a god and cars will stop for her no matter what, jaywalking, busy road, doesn't matter to her. Needless to say, she's gonna be in a hospital sometime soon

  5. Hopefully you will figure it out.

  6. The weather is so bad where I live, I don't even want to step outdoors! Can't wait till it gets warmer.

  7. We have several people at work who have been hit by cars. We have to park off property. it sucks.