Sunday, March 6, 2011


For any of you out there who haven't heard the news yet, and i'm sure there are a few of you.  System of a Down has gotten back together again.  they are even doing a few shows around North America.  Sucks i can't afford tickets for the show at the moment, by next week i should have money.  But knowing my luck i bet it will be sold out by then :-S.

I'm amazed that i never knew about System of a Down until 2005 when they released their Mezmerize album.  After getting into them a lot more, i found out that i knew a couple of their songs i just didn't know it was them singing them.  The two main singles that I know off the top of my head on this album are "BYOB" and "Question?".  I have no complaints on this album, just about every song is awesome.  Some of my favorites include "Radio/Video", "Violent Pornography" , and "Old School Hollywood".  If you haven't heard the songs before or just want to get another awesome song stuck in your head again, here are the links below to the songs...

Radio/Video -
Violent Pornography -
Old School Hollywood -

I haven't heard anything yet if System of a Down is releasing a new album yet, but if I hear any news, I will defiantly make a post and let all of you System fans know.


  1. I really hope they come through my state. I will so see them.

  2. Awesome news. I love this album, thanks for reminding me about it.

  3. Old School Hollywood is one of the sickest songs out there. definitely looking forward to a come back! could use some good ROCK!