Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Bi-Winning

Still not an exciting day.  Until this now clears and the weather warms up its gonna be dull for the next few weeks :-S.  Last week i was watching the Charlie Sheen interview about how he is going to sue CBS for cancelling the show.  Anyway, someone had made some kind of song from pieces of the interview and it was hilarious.  I probably watched it at least 10 times today, and I garuntee i'll have it stuck in my head at work all day tomorrow :-S.

Went over to my moms for dinner later on and learned how to make some awesome tortellini.  basically all you do is cook up the tortellini, steam some broccoli and add some Alfredo sauce.  Good thing I'm quoting this to because i know i will possibly forget about it somewhere down the road.  Definatley going to have to make some of it next week.  It was awesome :-).

Caught a Flames game on TV for the first time in a month.  Really happy that they beat Nashville and i'm hoping they can win enough games to stay in the position to qualify for the Stanley cup play-offs.  They didn't win it back in 2004 when they lost to Tampa Bay, now is their time to rise back up and win it this year.  I also won't be disappointed if Vancouver or Chicago win either, but no matter what I'll always cheer for the Flames before any other team.


  1. You should post the video, sounds pretty funny haha and I wish I made the same decision to write down how to cook because my mom taught me how to make her special chicken piccata and I forgot -__- hope it gets better outside! dull weeks suck!

  2. #winning, #tigerblood, #teemsheen, #7gramrocks

    did you catch him on howard stern? radio gold!


  3. sheen is a gold mine of one liners.