Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Feel Like A Cab Driver

Slept in this morning, didn't wake up till 1 PM.  Always feels like the day is shot way too soon when i sleep in, thats why i hate doing it.  Whenever a day rolls by that i don't have to be up for anything, then i won't get up at all.  For all i know that will probably be the case tomorrow even if i set an alarm to get up or not.

So a friend texted me when i got up, one of her friends needed a lift 30 minutes outside of town to gether some belongings.  Well i had stuff to do today, its a pretty sweet deal that i'm getting a full tank of gas out of the deal, but at the same time, your using up some of my time that i could be using so im gonna need a little extra for my time.  I didn't get any laundry done or practicing in, its gonna have to wait till tomorrow, but even then i visit my daughter tomorrow so won't get anything done then ugh, i live such a busy life :-S.

Its a friends birthday tonight so i'm gonna be going to the same bar as last nite.  I guess that bar wasn't cracked out as much as we thought it was.  It will never be like the old hangout.  So our search continues for a nightclub that has a dance floor and they play a mix of classic rock and heavy metal, and not just hard techno or house music.  Thats why i loved the place and a lot of places around the city don't have that kind of feel to them.


  1. Never been to a club that plays metal. well there isnt a lot of clubs around me anyways.

  2. i know how you feel. i try to make sure i dont sleep in on the weekend. even if i am hungover.

  3. i feel ya man. i always complain i dont get enough sleep, than when I sleep in past noon i feel like i wasted my day.

    i guess there really isn't enough hours in the day. hope ya had fun at the club!