Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Double Post

I was getting pretty late to make an entry of my day yesterday, so i'm gonna post yesterday and today in the same post, starting with yesterday...

February 28th

woke up at 4:30 this morning, tried to get back to sleep since i usually wake up at 5:30.  Didn't end up falling asleep and ended up waking up half hour earlier than usual.

We finally got around to finishing up the loader that has been in the shop since i started working for the company.  There were moments I was afraid that the couple of us didn't do the job right and we would be stuck on it for a few more days.  The quick attach cylinder head exploding and oil spilling all over was one instance why i would think that.  In the end we checked it out and realized that the machinists who we sent it out to didn't do a good job at repairing it and one of the grooves where a snap ring was rounded so it would not sit in properly.  Plus the bores where the locking pins slide in needed to be honed out some more which probably caused the cylinder to blow due to excessive pressure in the cylinder from too much resistance.

After honing out the pin bores and reassembling the cylinder, everything started working the way it should have.  As for the rest of the day, i cleaned a few parts on another machine and touched up the paint on the bucket we fixed up.

After work, i stopped by to visit my daughter and to pick up my laptop.  I really didn't want to go another day without a computer in my small living space.  I went out to grab a few groceries afterward.  I ran out of supplies to make my simple affordable chili.  Seems like the perfect food for me to survive on when i don't have much for funds.  I also picked up some yogurt, strawberries and granola.  I've had the thoughts go through my head that i wanted to start eating granola with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, i decided now would be the time to start.

March 1st

So I started off the morning by eating that granola, yogurt and fruit mixture i talked about earlier, its was pretty awesome, i was hoping it would be filling enough, but after working for an hour i was starting to feel a little peckish, maybe i'll try having some peanut butter toast to go along with it tomorrow morning.  I don't like feeling hungry when i'm working, don't feel like i can perform as well on an empty stomach.

Friggen cold and icy out this morning, checking the thermometer on the dash it was -29 C outside.  Almost got into a couple of accidents on the way to work as well because some people love to follow way too close behind me and when i have to make a sudden stop they don't know what to do when they can't come to a complete stop on an icy road.  Thank god i didn't get rear ended because i really don't wanna stand outside and exchange information with someone else when its that cold :-S.

To start off my work day i had to get the loader all squeaky clean for the customer.  I washed the outside and cleaned the cab out.  Since we still had a lot more time till the customer would come to grab his loader, my service manager wanted me to put another coat on the entire bucket.  After doing all of this painting i've gotten the nickname "Da Vinchi" in the shop now lol.

Later in the day, a couple of us had to go out to one of the machines in the yard and remove a drive line from one of the trucks in the yard.  There were no spare parts of that kind in the building for the customer so we had to steal one from one of the machines.  The job wasn't too bad besides having to work out in -30.  Sure made the day go by pretty fast to.  There are times the day goes by so slow when all your doing is sweeping the floor or picking up garbage.  Can be frustrating sometimes.


  1. Seems like you must busy, can't wait to see your new rock music posts.

  2. Good call on the chili. I know what it's like to not have much cash to spend on food (or to not want to spend too much on food), and there are definitely great-tasting ways to stay within a budget. Keep on keeping on man, looking forward to reading your next post

  3. I dont know how you deal with the cold. I came home and my place was 62 and i flipped out it was so cold.