Monday, February 28, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

This is gonna be one hell of a make up blog for not having my laptop for 3 days.  I'll start with Friday..

February 25th

So the welder that has been working at my workplace for the past 2 weeks, this whole time i thought he was an employee there, but he was a contractor.  He was hired basically to do all of the tough parts of making the mounting brackets for the bucket, once all that was done they told him one of the other employees could take it from there.  He wasn't too pleased about that, i wouldn't be either.  Before he left he hung around for coffee and showed us this photo album of all of the projects that his business had worked on over the many years.  And i guess it wasn't fraud that made his company go broke it was dishonest customers he did work for and they never paid him.  Talk about a kick in the nuts :-S

Was pretty exhausted after work was going to head over and see my daughter and drop off my laptop after i cleaned up, ended up napping for 2 hours.  Got lucky though, no was home anyway, they had to take off to one side of the city to a computer store to get a computer problem fixed.  Ended up dropping my laptop off at my ex's parents house.  My daughter was over there so i ended up staying 20 minutes to hang out before taking off to a friends to watch the 2nd Trailer Park Boys movie.  Friggen hilarious movie :-)

February 26th

My phone woke me up this morning.  Guess one of my friends wanted me to help her run a few errands since she didn't have any means of transportation.  In return she bought me lunch and paid me 20 bucks for gas :-).  I was planning on just staying in and playing guitar for a few hours for my day off, but for me being broke, i needed all the money i could get.

We went out for dinner at Moxies, just ate a burger there, but decided to try it with avocado on it.  I never had it before besides guacamole it was pretty awesome.  Afterward we went out to grab a few groceries, read in a magazine while we were there that there will soon be new episodes of Beavis and Butthead.  Can't wait for that :-).

We stopped my Marks work warehouse afterward to grab some work boots for her new job this week.  She just needed a cheap pair of steel toes and they had basically every kind you could possibly want.  She didn't end up buying any because there were no PINK steel toes in stock and the tan colored ones looked icky.  Are u serious.... its a friggen shop your working in, dressing up in that kind of work is not a fashion statement, i don't care if your going to be one of the only women working there... geez :-S

After all that shopping was taken care of, i finally got around to practicing some guitar.  Just played some of the usual songs i've been playing over the past couple of weeks and tweaking some of the effect pedals to find some awesome sounds.  While playing around with the effects i figured out how to play part of the song "One In The Same" by Audioslave.  Stuck at one part now to look up the tab on the internet...... Oh right, temporarly don't have my laptop, really goes to show i shouldn't be so reliant on a computer.

Went to a house party later that night, brought my guitar along to entertain a few people.  The guy who lived at the place drank a little too much and ended up passing out early, as for the rest of the party, the one friend who i took out earlier to do some shopping, got a little too drunk and was really starting to annoy the bunch of us.  Got to the point where i didn't want to be at that party anymore.  Ended up taking a few people home and made 80 bucks for driving people around that nite.

February 27th

Not really eventful today, just like any other sunday.  Buddy called me up this morning apologizing for getting really drunk and making an ass of himself.  He wasn't the reason i left though it was that chick there that was getting all emotional.

Finally cleaned the garbage out of my car today, almost got a full garbage bag of trash, around 10-15 pop cans and someones cell phone probably from one of the people from last nite because it wasn't dead.  Guess i'm gonna have to remember whos phone it was and where they are living at :-S

Was hoping to get my laptop back today, turned out my ex wasn't finished with transferring her photos over to her computer so guess i gotta wait another day for it.  Weel i went 2 days without one, one more won't hurt.

Playing around on the guitar later on that evening, tweaked my tremolo pedal in a way that when i played the notes to "Like A Stone" by Audioslave, its sounded almost identical.  Now when i get my laptop back i'm definatley gonna haveta look up a bunch of these audioslave songs and master them.  It sucks i won't be able to do a few of the solos without a whammy pedal though, goona have to wait till i have money to get that one.  It's between that one and a delay pedal for next effects on my list.


  1. That was crazy!! you sure have a busy life.

  2. welcome back. Sounds like an interesting few days

  3. Busy life! But I bet you like it

  4. I only really liked Cochise. I feel for the contracter though, one of my mates has been on the recieving end of the same thing.

    It's one thing to not have your work appreciated, but being screwed over is a completely different and very demotivational thing.

  5. I love Audioslave, I remember when I first found out about em :) twas a good day. glad to see you back!

  6. I hope you saved the nudes before the transfer :)

  7. Looks like somebody had an interesting day!

  8. now thats what i call a come back. you even cleaned. lol

  9. Sounds crazy! Good on ya for turning a lil profit from your good deed, hah!

  10. You make me seem so lazy.
    I should really do more.

  11. believe me im pretty lazy to, theres just some days where i feel exhausted but i can still manage to accomplish lots