Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting Back In The Game

Well I think its safe to say that the worst of my cold is officially gone.  Since i didn't see my daughter on friday, I figured I better do so today.  Knowing my sister was gonna be in town as well i'm sure she would have loved to see her.

When i arrived at my moms house, i didn't see my sister there, i guess she had taken a later bus and wasn't gonna be in the city until 10 at night.  Guess i will have to make some plans on tuesday to stop by and see her when i'm on that side of the city.

Talking with my mom i explained the situation i was in with being pretty broke and there not being enough days left in the month to generate enough income to pay for my rent.  I'm thankful my mom is so awesome that she helped me out with my rent and provided me with some extra food to tide me over a couple of weeks :-)

While i was visiting, i borrowed my brothers guitar and practiced a few of the songs i've been trying to master over the past month.  I was amazed that i wasn't doing all that bad playing them even after not playing the guitar in a week.  I think the next song i'm gonna learn will be "The Unforgiven" by Metallica.  The next issue of Guitar World came in the mail for me and had that tab in it so i'm gonna practice that one.

Got a full day of nothing tomorrow.  I think that will be a perfect opportunity to get some practicing in, maybe even start reading my book again.  Its just staring at me on the dresser gathering dust.  I'm back working again, so my life is no longer on hold.  I can carry on building myself up without having financial stress throwing off my focus.


  1. I just recently started practicing guitar playing again... I've forgotten practically everything :D

  2. My guitars are currently just sitting there too :D
    Haha, life always gets in the way :P

  3. Welcome back bro. I just got over my sickness as well.

  4. Im afraid metallica does not exist after Justice for all

  5. Sad to hear about your money woes, everyone goes through rough'll all work out in the end!

  6. hey, don't let that get to you. next time play for whom the bell tolls too!