Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hate these kinds of days

Basically all throughout the day i have been really tired, there were a few moments at work where i almost felt like falling asleep.  Maybe if i was a little more productive at work and it wasn't so slow maybe that would help out a little bit, but for the past couple work days i haven't really done a lot and its really getting frustrating.

One of the managers came and socialized with us during the first coffee break today.  He brought up the subject about how he knew someone who over a period of time had collected all sorts of antiques and when his wife got really sick he sold his entire collection of antiques for 5 million.  I asked the manager if this guy collected any antique guitars.  He didn't but supposedly the managers hobby was collecting all sorts of antique guitars, so we talked about guitars for a good 10 minutes before coffee was over and afterward he showed me a picture of one of his latest guitars in his collection.  It was an old strat, but what made it so rare was the particular shade of blue in the body color, there were few made with that body color, it would usually be around 10 grand, but since there were modifications made to it, the value was cut down by at least half.

When i got home after work i basically slept for a couple of hours.  Afterward didn't have much motivation to do much of anything.  Was gonna have a chili for dinner, couldn't work up the motivation to make that, ended up eating spaghetti instead.  Didn't do much on the guitar either, just played with a few of the effect pedal i have.  I did manage though to get my Boss Phase Shifter set up to sounds pretty descent, was pretty happy about that.

Maybe its just this cold weather thats keeping me boxed up inside my place.  If it were nicer outside i know i would go out at some point and go for a walk around the block to clear my head, but i feel like i'm trapped in this tiny shoebox and i'm losing my mind.  Maybe by the fall i'll move out and find a bigger place, the renting a room situation is alright in some areas, but i don't think i could do this for another year.


  1. wow, 5 mill worth of antiques, that's a lot!
    When I'm feeling tired, I do exercise, that gives me a boost for the whole day, it sounds weird but it does.

  2. Get one of those "natural light" lamps, I heard they do wonders.

  3. 5 million!? That is crazy, I wonder how much he bought all those antiques for.