Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wow i have to say today was pretty interesting...

Before heading to work i had to fill my car up with gas, don't even have enough money to fill it up a ll the way. Well technically i do, but not a lot.  I have 45 dollars left to last me three weeks.  When i jump back in my car its then i realize i don't have my phone on me, i tell myself that i have everything as i'm walking out the door, guess i didn't today, ugh :-S.

Was all ready to work hard today, ended up assisting the welder in the shop with installing new mounts on a loader bucket.  Basically all i did in the 8 hour work day was stood around, watched him weld parts onto the bucket, help move heavy parts back and forth from the bucket to the work bench to do welding on them or to cut material off, and to grind welds off of the bucket.  Yep that pretty much sums up 8 hours of work.  I seriously can't think of any other way i could explain it to allow me to stretch it out into a longer sentence.

Didn't bother going back home after work was over, would end up backtracking pretty far if i was going to go see my daughter and sister.  My place is on the opposite end of the city.  I went over to visit my daughter shes in the living room watching Toy Story 3.  I had gotten her that movie for Christmas, it wasn't until a week or two ago that she started getting into it.  Lots of the time i'd be over visiting and that movie would probably be played at least 2 or 3 times.  Its amazing how kids don't get bored of watching the same movie over and over again lol.

I stopped in to visit my sister afterward, she ordered in pizza for our younger siblings, if i would have known that i wouldn't have gotten subway earlier on.  Oh well, not too big of a loss i guess, still ate pretty healthy today i guess.  She had a friend over who had to leave to go to a band practice just as i got there.  So i ended up riding along with him and my sister while she dropped him off just to catch up since i haven't seen my sister since Christmas.  Ended up staying an hour afterward.  She had been practicing guitar for awhile and was curious on a couple things like tuning into drop D and how to do this one Coheed and Cambria song.  Haven't heard the song before, but i gave some advice on how to get close to a drop D by ear.

After all that excitment in the day i finally made it home, its 10:00 and i gotta be in bed in an hour, lets see if i got the stamina to play a little guitar before bed.


  1. I get what your saying man, but with my daughter it's the Phineas and Ferb box set I got her. She has to have seen every episode a good twenty times.

  2. Sounds like a full day. Now that I think of it, I watched and rewatch a lot of movies when I was younger as well. Maybe it was harder to comprehend back then..

  3. you lost me at coheed and cambria