Friday, February 18, 2011

Threw in the towel

Not really a lot to blog about today...

basically got up this morning, still not feeling 100%, i had a coffee and cereal hoping it would get me up to speed, nope didn't do the trick, so i called my work and told them i wasn't coming in today, on the upside i got a 4 day weekend, sucks i'll probably be sick through the majority of it.

Basically slept away the entire day, got up every now and then to talk on Facebook or grab something to eat, then went back to bed.  So yea that pretty much sums up my day.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, theres a Heart concert tomorrow night and i got a ticket to it.  Few people are jealous of me because they are real big heart fans.  My dad loves the band but has never gotten an oppertunity to see them live.  I'll have to try and sneak a camera in and take some good pictures.  I'm not too far away from the stage so the pictures should turn out okay :-)


  1. This blog isn't about rock anymore is it? I don't care because I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. I hope you're better in time for the concert! It would suck to miss it.

  3. Poor thing, let's hope you get better !
    And have fun at the concert !

  4. Get better man! Keep up with the posting!

  5. hope you feel better soon.

    blog on.