Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's gonna be a fun night

Well still haven't been able to do very much today, when your not working or don't have to be anywhere during the day you tend to get bored very fast.  I'm only renting out a small room since thats all i can afford at the moment.  I got some interesting literature to read like Guitar for dummies just to understand more of the music theory to know what i'm doing when i'm playing.  I got an hour or so practicing guitar in today so the day wasn't too big of a loss.  Been telling myself that I should take 1-2 weeks to get a song down and set a goal to have at least 10 new songs down by the end of 2011 both guitar and lyrics to the song.  I'm currently learning how to play "18 and Life" by Skid Row, love the song and looks pretty easy.

Going to see Motorhead tonight, just recently started getting into them.  Some favorites i like so far include "Ace of Spades" (Who doesn't like that song) and "No Class"

But better get some dinner started before i head out.  Thinking chili tonight.  I'm sure everyones got a good chili recipe.  Mine is fairly simple just need 1 lb of ground beef 1 can each of diced tomatoes, black beans and kernel corn and a pkg of chili mix.  Make sure you dump the black beans and corn in a strainer and rinse them off before mixing them in, just because some canned products are stored in salted water to help preserve them for storage.  Plus just that much less salt in your food.

After you cook your ground beef and drain it, throw the beef and everything else into a saucepan put it on medium heat stirring occasionally.  Usually i cook it for about 10-15 minutes.  If you want you can also add some Cumin to taste or some jalapeno pepper.

This recipe works pretty good for me.  the ingredients altogether usually cost around 10 bucks so its a fairly cheap simple dinner to make, and you get lots of leftovers to :-)


  1. Have fun dude! I freaking love chili I actually made some the other day for a party! XD

  2. Sounds like a pretty solid night, I love making my own chili.

  3. chili's great for freezing large volumes in meal-sized portions. last for-ev-er.

  4. I dont like chili too much, but I like putting it on hotdogs

  5. Haha! Chilli is amazing. Have fun man :D