Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I gotta saw, for being around as long as they have Heart can still put on an amazing show.  Ann Wilson being 60 still has a set of pipes on her and Nancy being 56 can still rock hard on the guitar.

Not quite sure what the song was that they opened with, but the second song in was "Heartless" followed by "What About Love" and "Straight On".  They put out a new album back in August called Red Velvet Car.  The songs they played off that album were "Red Velvet Car" "Hey You" and "WTF"

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when they performed the song "Alone"  I was blown away at how amazing Ann's singing was and how she could hit those high notes.  After the song was over she got a standing ovation.  Just before the encore they ended with "Crazy on You" and "Barracuda"  It was pretty awesome to watch Nancy do the intro acoustic part to "Crazy on You"  pretty sure she extended the length of that part by an extra minute.

During the encore i didn't know any of the songs that they were playing, then they walked off the stage and i thought that was the end of the show.  But they came on for a second encore and finished the night off with "Dreamboat Annie"

Well I'm really glad that i got an opportunity to see Heart in my lifetime.  If Heart comes to your area i strongly suggest that you should go see them.  You will be blown away by the show they put on.  I'm amazed at how well all my pictures turned out being as far as i was.  Here are a few from the show.


  1. That looks like it was a pretty awesome concert.

  2. Seems like they gave a great show :D

  3. These ladies are still having live shows? I'm suitably impressed. Thought they would have stopped with that a while ago.

  4. Nice pictures, heart is the best,

  5. The older rock bands tend to put on a better show. I saw Pink floyd last year. Greatest concert I have ever seen.